New skin care developed for atopic skin

Nettle serum awarded the Allergy Label

First nettle product awarded the Allergy Label in Finland

A nettle serum developed by Kniteco, a company from Liperi, Finland, on the basis of scientific studies, alleviates skin problems even in small doses. The skin care properties of antibacterial nettle have been explored, tested and successfully refined into a serum for skin care in a method developed by the company.

Kniteco Oy’s Nokkoste 288U serum is a pure and safe natural product processed from a plant considered to be a weed, and does not contain allergenic substances. It is the first nettle product in Finland to be entitled to use the Allergy Label. 

- Nettle serum is a great example of the new opportunities for nature health. With its versatile health benefits, nettle is a response to nutritional recommendations, but also a traditional remedy whose efficacy is proven by scientific research. Especially the developer company’s idea of using the entire nettle plant represents a new mindset: synthetic substances can be replaced with nettle, comments Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation’s Niki Malmros on Kniteco Oy’s unique development work on Nokkoste products. 


Nettle to the skin

- I was taken aback when I learnt from research carried out by the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation about how many people suffer from severe skin problems and how frustrating and limiting factors they are to normal life. We focused on refining the beneficial properties of nettle on the basis of research data found in Finland and around the world, says Liisi Vuorjoki, the innovator, researcher and developer of nettle products behind Kniteco. 

- Historically, nettle has been used in cooking and gardening, as a fertilizer and also as a natural medicine for many ailments. Our nettle serum is the first allergy-labelled skin care product in which the therapeutic properties of the nettle have been refined into a usable, condensed form. Research and user experience prove that the serum works in small doses, says Liisi Vuorjoki, the founder of Kniteco Oy.

- Our serum helps people with skin problems. It sooths atopic and inflamed skin, works on burns and sunburn, works against bacterial acne as well as insect-induced itching. It has also been successfully used to treat pityriasis versicolor and scalp and beard dandruff. Studies have shown that certain compounds in nettle can even have anti-aging properties.


Research and cooperation

Kniteco’s product development has been rapid and based not only on research but also on cooperation with various partners. The start-up was lucky to gain the support of the business incubator Patteristo Express. The combination of nettle with skin care led into the worlds of chemistry, elements, compounds and plant physiology. In addition to Patteristo, Kniteco’s guides along the way included Apila Group, the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Lapland. The Arctic nettle project ArkNokk has been an invaluable help. It is a joint project of the Natural Resources Institute Finland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences, with researcher Françoise Martz as a key figure.

The Smart Textile Project and its extensive team of experts have been a driving force for the company. As the company of the follow-up project led by researcher Susan Kunnas, we were able to create our own product prototype by methods of green chemistry. 

The Allergy Label and the cooperation with the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation are invaluable for the company. Next in the pipeline is a prototype of a skin-safe underwear set.


Kniteco Oy

The company was founded in 2021
Kniteco Oy researches, develops, manufactures and sells products based on beneficial properties of plants

Nettle to the Skin – Nokkoste – Smart Nettle Products

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