Nokkoste Serum 288U
Nokkoste Serum 288U
Nokkoste Serum 288U

Nokkoste Serum 288U

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Nettle serum is suitable for atopic and infected skin. Helps in the treatment of burns and bacterial acne.

Nokkoste 288U Serum prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and the formation of bacterial colonization on the skin. It has also been noticed to work for Tinea versicolor (also pityriasis versicolor) caused by fungal infection and e.g. for peeling the beard or scalp. Nettle is known as a scalp and hair conditioner.

Developed in co operation with the finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma federation.
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distilled water, glycerol, urtica dioica

How to use:
Shake lightly before use.
A few drops on the problem area in the morning and evening.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Protects and revitalizes. Exclusive Miron violet glass packaging filters different light frequencies: it protects from harmful light but lets through the healing light.

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